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Happy Faces Along the Road, Bulgaria

Happy Faces Along the Road, Bulgaria

Hey, what is the Twilight Project anyway?

It's the project that keeps me going in my "twilight years". You remember the doomsday clock? The clock that ticks down towards midnight and the end of humanity? Well, I'm at about 7:00 7:30  8:00 PM on my own clock; ie., twilight. Now that's not saying that some mornings I don't feel like the clock is already striking midnight, but most mornings I'm OK.

So my project is a multi-year solo motorcycle trip around the world on a 1975 BMW. Starting from Kamloops, BC, Canada, it was originally to be a 5-month dash around the globe in 2009, but that wouldn't have left much time to see anything, and so I decided to split it over two years... 2009 to be spent in North America, and 2010 to be spent on a trip from London, through central Asia, to Vladivostock, on the east coast of Russia.  Well, in the 2010 trip journal, I outline my reasons for turning around in central Turkey and heading back to London ... leaving the round-the-world trip uncompleted.

I was unable to continue the trip in 2011, but did return to Europe in 2012 where I spent another three months travelling to places I did not see in 2010, including a quick poke into Russia.  In 2013, circumstances dictated that only a month could be allotted to travelling and so I completed a quick tour of Scandinavia, a place I had never been.  And so Russia and completion of my around-the-world trip (now an odyssey) still awaits!  But progress is being made!  As I write this small update, (August 2015) I am sitting in Ulaanbataar, Mongolia after travelling around Korea and riding here from Vladivostok.  My tour of Mongolia is almost over an in the next week or so, I will begin the long ride westward to London(?), and eventually home.  So I see the end of this life's small journey!

Thanks... and best of luck on your own travels!  Let me know about them...


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