Chartres, France - May 4, 2010

A very nice day today I have to admit. And maybe a learning one. Walking around Blois I found that it had been the former capital for France and the chateau on the hill had been the home of 7 kings and 10 queens. So I thought it might warrant a visit. Decided to go there instead of Chambord. Yes, very cool place. I guess before wallpaper, you just painted the walls... well not like most walls if it was a royal palace. Very cool. Also, next door was the House of Majic, dedicated to Robert-Houdin from whom Houdini stole his name. Part of it was a 30 minute silent play, two characters, a man and a woman, who just presented a series of illusions. Very old-time vaudeville and very well done. I had run into the guy before the play and he did some card tricks for me one-on-one. I have no idea how he did them.

Chateau at Blois

Chateau at Blois

House of Magic!

House of Magic

Anyway. Great ride today too. Bits of sun at times, no rain, very windy. I accidentally got on the motorway, went for one exit and then got off. Then the GPS had to sort it out. Actually it was quite a spectacular routing along rolling and curving one-lane tracks across farm fields and through tiny stone-built towns in the Loire Valley. Just excellent. Bob nodded agreement the whole time.

And then this place where I am staryingin Chartres is unbelievable. It looks like it was part of an old monastery or something associated with the Cathedral right next door. If you look at the Spot, make sure you set it for satellite view an you'll see the cathedral. I've attached a picture. My room is just upstairs and actually is quite modern, but the same architecture. They've just put an airline style bathroom module into the room. Way cool.

My Monk's Retreat

My Monk's Retreat

Headed to Breakfast In the Old Monastery

Headed to Breakfast in the Old Monastery

Off to don't know where tomorrow. Don't see any good finds and so will just wander off towards Dijon. Can't seem to find anything on road and mountain pass conditions in Switzerland... at least not anything that is not in German.

Oh and about the learning part. I was probably scammed out of 42 Euros today "helping" somebody who ran out of gas (so they said) in their car. Long story. But I ferried him around, got him some gas, gave him some cash... so on and so on. But looking back, I think the whole thing was a scam. Never did see a car. If he comes back in the morning and pays me back, I'll walk over to the cathedral and give thanks. Otherwise, I'm just out 42 E. I don't know, though. So many people have helped me over the past couple of years... most of you included. I wouldn't even have made it to Prudhoe if it hadn't been for the help of strangers. So I feel morally obligated to pass it on. If he did scam me... he should go to the cathedral and sit in one of those boxes on the side. We'll see what happens tomorrow. One of us is going to the cathedral.

Cathedral at Chartres

Cathedral at Chartres

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