Croydon, UK - April 12, 2010

Uh... where's my bag? Yes, the one with Bobblehead Bob, my helmet, jacket, riding pants, electric vest, gloves, documents and some cash? Didn't show up in Gatwick. That's nice. But I've got to get the bike out of customs and can't ride it away without a helmet. So after a $50 cab ride to the nearest motorcycle shop and a (cheapest) $100 helmet, I go to customs and there it is. No problems.

I plug the hotel in Croyden into the GPS and head off, minding the left-hand drive and working out the light signals. The yellow traffic light comes on with the red in anticipation of the green and so it is like a drag race Christmas tree. Light turns green and you better be off or get run over. Why would they want that?

Atini Guest House, Croydon

Atini Guest House

Anyway, the guest house is quite nice inside and Percy the owner is very accommodating. He told me to put the bike in the front garden where it would be off the street and where it sits is pretty invisible from the street. The bag should show up in a day or two, but the worrying part is that no one seems to know where it is. It's not like they can tell me it is in Vancouver, or in Rio or in Frankfurt. They have NO idea where it is. It has dropped from human knowledge. Could be a bit of a financial hit if I have to buy new stuff. I kick myself for putting Bob in there. I should have left him on the bike.

In the Garden

In the Garden

Mini Heaven in Croydon

Mini Heaven in Croydon

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