Datca, Turkey - June 21, 2010

Well... that was a great cruise. Stopped at five swimming places, all quite excellent. Water';s cold but you get used to it very quickly and being so clear, you can just see tons of fish. Nice to know that the fish population hasn't been decimated everywhere. Definitely the place to scuba dive. Of course I didn't bring my dive card but as the guide said... this is Turkey, there are no rules! OK... and maybe that means there are no standards for rented scuba equipment either!

So I'll stay in Datca one more day. It is a little cooler now, or maybe I am just getting used to it. Nice camp site under the eucalyptus trees. Besides it gives me another day to decide what to do. I'd like to travel to the underground cities of Capadoccia but it is about half-way across Turkey and the fuel costs are not insignificant. Budget-wise, I need to find a place to sit for awhile... and Datca seems pretty good right now.

Anyway, so as you can see, it's pretty quiet. I'll write again when things pick up. Two swallows have a nest in the rafters of the open-air restaurant here. That's about the most activity around at the moment.

Swimming near Datca

Swimming Near Datca

That's Not Me Up There

That's Not Me Up There

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