Goreme, Turkey - July 1, 2010

Still in Goreme, Turkey. Seems my nice cave hotel room came with some extras... like a gazillion bedbugs. Anyway, I got chewed and feel like a human torch. I think I have somewhere around 75 bites, maybe a few more as the multiple ones begin to differentiate. Anyway, I checked out and moved into a campground where I could get cleaned up, do laundry and go through my stuff looking for passengers. Haven't found any, although a few more bites showed up after getting here. Maybe just late bloomers.

There are Bedbugs Behind That Door

There Are Bedbugs Behind That Door

Got some creme from the pharmacist and have pretty much spent yesterday and today, camped in an old apricot orchard, sitting on a wall out of the sun, daubing creme on each as they flare up. Things are a little better today and so will be on the road again tomorrow. I just couldn't see trying to ride and scratch at the same time. I hope I don't have any in my clothes.

Anyway, I quietly told the hotel owner... he just said "sorry... laundry", then made sure I had his business card so I could be sure to recommend his hotel to all my friends. OK... since he asked... Dear Friends... be sure to STAY AWAY from the Star Cave Hotel. I think he figures all he has to do is change the sheets. HA! I saw he was booking it for last night.

Camp Recuperation

Camp Recuperation

It just puts me in a bad mood and makes me wish I could take a nap but the tent is in the sun and it will be a few hours before it is cool enough for that. They do sell cold beer here... so that sounds like second best.

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