Idilevo, Bulgaria - July 9, 2010

Am now back in Bulgaria... small change of plans. Just a temporary blip. I happened to see that Horizons Unlimited, a group of motorcycle travelers to which I belong, was having their first annual Bulgarian meeting this weekend. So I thought, hey, why not? A little off my route but the weather was bad coming through Bulgaria before and it kept me out of the mountains at the time. So since the weather was good, I headed here. Of course the day I left Turkey, it began to pour down rain and rained all day long on my way here. Lots of twists and turns in the mountains to get here... but not many views as I was mostly in cloud.

Anyway, made it here. There are now about 40 people. Nice folks from all over... headed to all over... good place to get info and pass some on. But it is still raining... cold, damp and just generally miserable. Doug Wothke, who has the camp here and is running the meeting, says that this is the worst summer he's seen for rain. Amen to that brother!

HU Meeting at Idilevo, Bulgaria

HU Meeting at Idilevo, Bulgaria

Doug Wothke and his Иж

Doug Wothke and his Иж

That was quite the adventure to get here. I headed up the main street of a little town just across the border and the street was just like a river... water about a foot deep and it had ripped up cobblestones here and there... so I was plowing through this (feet up like a kid riding his bike through a puddle) dropping into invisible holes... DON'T STOP!!! I was soaked. Actually I was surprised that the bike could go through water that deep as the ignition guts are at the front bottom of the engine. But they didn't flood. Lucky.

Happy Faces, Bulgaria

Happy Faces, Bulgaria

Three of us went for a little ride to see some of the local sites yesterday. The most interesting was some caves here in which they have found evidence of long-standing Neanderthal occupation... like over 60,000 years, spanning a few ice ages. Interesting. No art on the walls or anything. But then the cave was pretty damp and cold. Not too comfortable.

So off to Greece tomorrow or the next day. Forecast is to stay like this for a few days. I've attached a picture that was a pretty common site across northern Turkey and southern Bulgaria. Sunflowers as far as you could see...

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