Kas, Turkey - June 22, 2010

Well the internet connection was so bad I couldn't get this thing out. And so am now in Kas, along the southern coast of Turkey. And what a fantastic day. I came back inland retracing my steps, then came south, then east. Just spectacular scenery. But I caught a glimpse of a signpost to Dalyan and remembered seeing a postcard with some tombs carved in a rockcliff and the postcard said Dalyan. So I whipped off the road and headed into town. Then saw signs to the ruins at Kaunos and figured that must be them. Just wonderful.

Temples at Kaunos

Temples at Kaunos

Anyway, came on down the coast along a twisty, winding coastal road. Actually dragged my toe once in one of the hairpins... then was more careful after that. But the deep blue water and the white of the spray on the coast... well that was one of the best riding days ever. Today was really such a mix of terrains. It all seemed very familiar and yet compressed. Some areas were like the mountain pine forests of northern California, while other places had the pink, rounded desert feel of Utah and northern Arizona. Some places reminded me of the Nevada desert and one place with the dark-brown knobs looked just like the Alabama Hills of southern California... where they shot all the outdoor scenes for the Lone Ranger. To get all of this so quickly... well it is just one beautiful country Turkey is.

Along the Road to Kas

Along the Road to Kas

I made it to Kas, a coastal enclave surrounding a small harbor. While driving around town debating whether to hotel it or camp, one of the local hotel touts caught me at a light on his scooter and said he'd take me to a hotel.... No thanks... But he shoved a very nice colored picture business card at me. Hotel looked nice. OK. So he took me here. Good price. Actually almost as cheap as camping. Camping was $10 for the site plus I had to buy breakfast at $7. This is $24 and includes breakfast. Plus it has a better shower, my own bathroom, air conditioning, and a better internet connection and I don't have to pitch and take down my tent. And the roof-top terrace/breakfast room/ internet cafe has bunches of grapes as big as your head hanging from the overhead vines. (The bunches are as big as your head... not the grapes individually).

After getting settled, I went for a stroll to track down some dinner. Last night I just settled for some (stale, yuch) rolls from a bakery and some baklava. Anyway, passed any number of acceptable restaurants, but didn't go in. Not sure why. Eventually, saw a sign to some pizza place down an alleyway kind of arrangement and for some reason went there. There was a whole line of tables along a terrace but I just walked to the end and sat down. And I have to say, that was the MOST beautiful setting I have EVER had dinner in. It was right on a small cove with breakers crashing against the rocks. Cool, windy. Just amazing. And I didn't even know it was there... and you couldn't even see it from the street or from most of the restaurant. That was a stroke of something. A very romantic spot. Hmmm... no honey there :( Oh well, a place to go back to.

I tell you folks.... you really must come and explore Turkey.

Little EEE is acting up again not displaying maps. I don't know what's his problem. Must be a teenager in computer years.

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