Strasbourg, France - May 6, 2010

Well, while traveling through a land of surperlatives, it's only fitting that I be able to say that today has been the WORST day I have EVER spent on a motorcycle. I've been in worse weather for short periods of time but this was horrid from the start to the finish, eight hours later. The rain only varied in intensity; at times I was only following the taillights in front of me.

So I am in Strasbourg now I guess. It's not like I'm going outside to find out. It just continues. Cold enough as well to see your breath at times. Yesterday was not quite as bad, (it was actually nice when I left Chartres) although by the afternoon I was thinking that the rain could easily turn to snow. After I made it to Chalon-sur-Seone yesterday (only to find the hotel closed for another two hours) I went to a cafe to warm up and read in the paper there that it had snowed the day before closing the main highways. Guess this is the coldest France has been at this time of year since 1948. There is just a low wobbling over central Europe. I can't figure out which way to go to get out of it.

My Only Photo in Two Days - Wet Strasbourg

My Only Photo in Two Days - Wet Strasbouurg

I have changed plans somewhat, however. Switzerland and the Alps are out due to the precipitation and very low freezing levels.. So I have headed back north and will do an end run around them to the east. I'm headed eventually now for Prague, Vienna, Budapest and to Istanbul that way. In other words, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and then Turkey. If I'm ahead of time, I'll either dip down into Greece or just go to Istanbul early and try to get some visa stuff sorted out. This will work out OK. Not what I had in mind for the past three years, but all places I have never been before. Should be interesting.

And to finish off the story, yes I did get scammed (no, he never met as planned to return my money) and yes, I did go to the Cathedral because it is a wonderful place.

The bike is running well. I'm surprised that the electrics are hanging in there with all this rain and with all the mods I've made to it. But everything continues to work. Amazing.

Bob says “Hi”. He hasn't had a chiropractic crisis since Edinburgh where the cobblestones forced a small intervention. He's feeling fine now.

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