Kamloops, Canada - July 22, 2012

Sorry I didn't get the last dispatch out of the Frankfort Airport. Seemed to have some technical issues with the dying battery. Anyway, it was about Helsinki and so on. I was just going to attached it, but I seem to have lost it altogether. Sorry. Hope you at least got the Spot showing that I was home

Came back to a crap load of things to do. Still haven't even unpacked yet. But it's nice to have something else to do other than packing the bike up in the morning, heading out on the road (in the rain most likely) and looking for a place to sleep. Life here is SOOOO easy, it's unbelievable!!! A toilet just down the hall. With a toilet seat even! Woohoo!

Anyway, had a great reunion with Diane and Ian in Vancouver, then Thursday, we headed home, picking up the new bike on the way. Great visit with Michael Dickens and his wife Glenda, now supplier of both my bikes. And what a little cutie it is. A new member of the family. Will have lots of fun with it.

Newest Member of the Family

Newest Member of the Family

So I have a few numbers to share for this trip:

8850 Miles - the shortest trip so far, averaging 97 miles per day. Slacker mileage. But it did push the 3-year total for the Twilight Project Round-the-Word Motor Safari to over 50,000 miles; twice around the world at the equator. So if I've already gone around the world twice, why do I still have so far to go?

Total cost about $13,500 - includes everything... visas, vaccinations, bike transport, everything. What is really weird is that in 2010, the average cost per day including everything worked out to $148.83. In 2012, it was $148.87!! That's crazy!

Fuel: 171 US gallons at an average cost of $7.69/gallon. And people complain here about the price of gas?

Food: $15.26/day average

Hotels/Camping: about $3900 with average cost of hotel/night $46. 13% of night camping (way too low... but lots of city stays and some bad weather)

Lost: 1 hat, 1 umbrella.

Bike: 1 oil/filter change (should have had 2 or 3), one small weld, one cracked fuel filter replaced, one headlight bulb replaced (not really required as the old one tested good). That's it. It's a travelling beast. Maybe I should just forget my tool bag next time and just take a Leatherman or something.

Anyway.... all very interesting I think.

Old Reliable

Old Reliable

Thanks again Everyone. Keep in touch. I'll let everyone on the list know what is happening (like where we are going to live).

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