Ljubljana, Slovenia - June 4, 2012

This will just be a short one because not much has happened. I've mostly been sleeping.

I think the last time I wrote I was planning on leaving Bled the following morning but I got up, felt really crappy, so asked if the room was available another night. It was for one more night only... otherwise I probably would have stayed longer... but just slept that day and tried to feel better. Then when I did leave, I only drove 30 miles or so to Ljubljana, pitched my tent by noon and crawled in for the rest of the day. That was yesterday. Today I got up and took the bus 10 minutes into town, hung out there for a few hours and came back and slept for another two hours. I was planning on leaving tomorrow, but just asked if I could stay another two days. No problem. Good, I hate getting kicked out of places.

I'm sure I just have some virus thingy. Not too many symptoms other than a nasty chest congestion and I feel like I have a fever all the time... but I don't. When I take it, my temperature is either normal or sub-normal. So tired, I was wondering about mono there for a while, but I figure that I would in fact be feeling worse with that.

Anyway, Ljubljana has a pretty and petite older section. There is a bit of a sprawling newer surrounding area, but the older part is nice. A little Baroque. Looks like mini-Prague, scaled down and on a budget. A Disneyworld version of Prague. I went up to the castle taking the funicular as I couldn't face the hike up. That was disappointing. Again, one of those places where they have gutted it for current purposes. Glass doors, tiled floors, stainless steel railings. There is no order. You just wander around aimlessly. In the rooms I did find, there are some weird exhibits... contemporary glass works, modern furniture... The only exhibit I did want to see is by a photographer named McCurry. He shot the picture of the Afghan girl that appeared on National Geographic about 30 years ago. Anyway... guess the exhibit was not included on my "all-inclusive" ticket. That's OK. I should get back to my sleeping bag anyway. Stopped by the railway museum, but it was closed on Mondays. If you know of any town or group looking for a steam engine to restore, they have four outside the museum with all their paint flaking, slowly turning to rust.

Downtown, Ljubljana

Downtown LjubLjana

Rusting Engine

Rusting Engine

So this is a nice place to crash. They have a restaurant next door. Had some great mushroom soup and a Skopje salad yesterday. Had those in Bulgaria. Green pepper, red pepper, cucumber, a little lettuce and red cabbage, covered with a grated goat cheese that literally disappears in your mouth. Very good and healthy I'm sure. Also have a laundry, nice bathrooms and showers and very convenient access to town. So I thought that instead of fighting the good fight at the Croatian border tomorrow only to be so lucky as to find a similar place, I should just stay here for a while and rest. Only problem is, no grocery or store at all for quite a ways.

Mini Prague

Mini Prague

I have to be in Budapest on the 13th when Diane arrives. And unless I start felling better soon, I may not do much travelling in the meantime. Everyday cuts into Croatia and/or Bosnia... but probably better that I kick this thing rather than put on miles. I'm so wiped that the travelling seems kind of pointless right now anyway. I was feeling so yucky going around Ljubljana this morning that I felt I was just going through the motions. That's no fun!

OK... I'll send a spot when I'm on the move again. Otherwise... zzzzzzzz

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