Narva, Estonia - July 9, 2012

Am now in Narva, Estonia, just a few blocks from the bridge over to Russia. I think the town there is called Ivangarod. I didn't bring Spot as I am here very light... just the tankbag, the rear box with tools and a sleeping-bag stuff sack of clothes.

Anyway, beautiful ride here, perfect weather. Breezy, cool and the Estonian drivers were about the most polite I've seen the whole trip. Low stress day. OK city... cute spots are very restricted to the river shore where there is an old wall and fort. Not surprisingly, just across the river is another wall and another fort.

Castle at Narva, Estonia

Castle at Narva, Estonia

In the Park, Narva

In the Park

Across the River is Russia

Across the River is Russia

So I have a reservation for 10:00 tomorrow morning to cross the border but no one around here seems to know where the staging area is. You're supposed to go to the staging area, check in, then they put you in order in accordance with your priority and ship you off to the border station when they are ready for you. Guess I am high priority after the diplomats because I have a bike. Sounds like a good system. Supposed to start doing it the other way on the 15th. I'll miss that and so will just have to do the European thing of driving to the head of the line. Wouldn't dare try that at home.

I'll let you know how it goes. If it doesn't go well, well that's one way to get to Siberia!

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