Bogen, Norway - June 18, 2013

Oh my Goodness... What a beautiful country.

Sorry... just a little overcome there. What a gorgeous place. Not so much in quaint beauty, although there are some picturesque fishing villages, but in the natural beauty. Just fantastic. I guess where I am is not where the deep straight-sided fjords are. If you think of Norway as a wooden spoon, I'm still way up the handle and the classic fjords I think down on the western side of the bowl. No, these are the more rugged mountains. Very much like the Rockies but where all the valleys are flooded. Just beautiful. Waterfalls everywhere. Actually, the terrain has been a lot better than the weather. Just an exhausting day today in the rain, fog and cold. But it looks like it may be clearing a bit. Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

North of the Treeline

Nortyh oif the Treeline

So I had a pretty nice day to ride up to Nordkaap. You hit treeline as quickly as you do in Alaska. Going through a tunnel, I came out the other side into a virtually treeless terrain. A few scattered ones, then nothing. All within a couple of miles. Very stark. Quite nice. Nordkaap itself is a tourist trap and not worth the admission into the area, but the ride up and back was awesome. And right on cue, the weather broke as I got there and had blue skies. That was Sunday.

Towrds Nordkaap

Towards Nordkaap



Bob Catching a Few Rays at Nordkaap

Bob Cathching a Few Rays at Nordkaap

Monday, yesterday, threatened to rain, but only started to as I was looking to quit for the day anyway. I took a side trip over to Hammerfest, adding about 3 hours to my day, but well worth it. Very cute town. Everything here is pretty modern, but well done. Nice setting. Many years ago, I had plans with a friend to bicycle up to Hammerfest. She bailed at the last minute, even after the plane tickets were bought. Looking back I should have just gone on my own. Don't know why that thought never occurred to me at the time. Don't know if she ever made it, but I did... 40 years later.

Honningsvag, just south of Nordkaap

Honningsvag, just South of Nordkaap

Hammerfest - the World's Most Northern City

Hammerfest - the World's Most Northern City

So today I woke up to drizzle, then climbed up into fog so thick I could only see one or two telephone poles ahead. Not much of a view you can imagine. But the closer I got to water level the better the visibility although many of the tops of the peaks were capped by clouds. But I did see a lot of mountain bottoms. It would be great to see it all on a clear, blue day. Oh well, maybe next trip.

Inside a Cabin, Altafjord, Norway

Inside a Cabin, Altafjord, Norway

It's surprising, but summer is actually low season in Norway. It looks like quite the winter paradise, however. Lots to do. Who can resist a reindeer sleigh ride under the northern lights? Sounds OK to me.

Towards the Lofoten Islands, Norway

Towards the Lofoten Islands, Norway

OK.. I've just started out onto the Lofoten Islands. Not sure how long it will take to drive to the tip, but from there I'll take the ferry back to the mainland and wander south. Think I may have to head inland around Trondheim and make for Goteborg, Sweden... then ferry to Denmark. I really have to watch my time. At least the days are long. Well look at that... bright sunshine out there now. Can I dare hope...

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