Dharkan - August 9, 2015

So I did get finally get the bike down the steps... although it bounced down the last four on its left side. I think the guys were a little tipsy from last night and some of them went bouncing head over heals themselves. Only injury to the bike was a broken dashcam mount and a few cuts and scrapes to the guys. It cost me a bottle of Vodka to help soothe their pain. As if they needed it!

So I got some repairs in by pointing the bike into a tight corner of the building, which effectively kept people away from where I was working. Bike is still feeling a bit off although when I got here I saw that the right carb was dripping. Either the float valve is not sealing, or the bowl gasket is shot... most likely the former. I'll look again tomorrow.

I'm headed back to the border tomorrow and have a booking for a hotel in downtown Ulan-Ude for two nights as I did not see any of the town when I was there before. Still carrying the scars of the last visit though. Went to the stinky restaurant, and yes, got the giggle menu. They have three appetizers, all beef tongue. How can that be appetizing. But they did have vegetable dumplings which were great. Heard from the two Korean kids that they made it across Mongolia, but had several crashes and injuries, fortunately nothing serious. They were in Novosibirsk headed west. Good for them!

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