Jirisan National Park - June 23, 2015

Had a very short day today as I was going through Jirisan National Park and found a great campsite. It's a NP drive in site, but there is hardly anyone here and they have really nice sites back in the trees. Did a quick calculation on the map and as there is not a lot of things on my list of things to do, figured I would have enough time to take a short day.

Beautiful ride up into the mountains. Lots of step twisty turns. Not a whole lot of views as the whole place is so lush. Not a lot of really large trees like there are in some US or Canadian parks, but very nice all the same. Rain is still threatening and will be coming this week, but is holding off for now. May not be so luck tonight however. Left early from Yeosu which was probably a mistake as I think I hit rush hour. Guess that's also the time of day when the nutty drivers come out. Should have had the dash cam on because there we some pretty questionable maneuvers occurring around me. Yikes! There seem to be little towns in the park and one such is just a couple of kilometers back from the camp. Since I don't really have any food, I drove back to find some lunch. Everyone else just ignored me, but one young couple was standing outside and waved as I went past and so I ducked in there. They have pictures of the food they serve and so I was able to point to sancha bibimbop. Whoa, what a spread. I was expecting a bowl of rice an mixed vegetables and what came was a bowl of rice and mixed vegetables with 10 additional bowls of fixin's and sauces. Um yummy.

Unfortunately it was served Korean style at a table about a foot off the ground. A real back killer for me. Damn the pain! More Kimchi! Hope I don't get hit with another case of "cholera" tomorrow if you catch my drift. I have no idea what most of those vegetables were. Some were quite weedy and woody. Really gave my molars a workout. So with not much happening today, perhaps I'll go through and find some pictures to send.

Got a very nice email this morning from In Ho (Danny) Jeung, a very kind fellow who stopped by to talk while I was working on the bike outside the hotel in Incheon. He is an engineer with a firm there but has a motorcycle, and very impressively has ridden a bicycle the length of Korea from Seoul to Busan. Very impressive. Who can muster the energy for that! Anyway, he said in his email that after our talk, he was energized all day and is re-inspired to do some travelling with his motorcycle and live his dream. That was very nice to hear. Go for it Danny! OK... let me look at some pictures. They will have to shrink them for transmission, but not much else to do now. Maybe I'll read some of my James Cookbook... No my James Cook book. No, my book about James Cook.

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