Turi, Estonia - Spetember 4, 2015

Sorry for not writing sooner but I am now in Turi, resting and visiting with Mari and Ants. I think I feel just as Frodo felt, resting in Rivendell(?) after his quest. It is so peaceful and calm here. Mari feeds me excessively and Ants helps with bike repairs that need to be made a bit more permanent. On Monday I take the ferry (hey. this is starting to sound a little bit too much like LOTR!) from Tallinn to Stockholm (hopefully not to the Undying Lands). From there I will start my wander to London. I have to be in London the afternoon of the 13th so that I can drop the bike off at Gatwick Airport on the morning of the 14th, so that we can both fly out the morning of the 17th. I get squeezed into economy, the bike gets it's own private compartment in the lower level. Oh well, it deserves a little pampering.

And pampering it has been getting. Mari and I washed it yesterday, and today it got new oil and a new filter. Ants made a new bolt for the windshield bracket, literally. We couldn't find one so he made one. Pretty handy guy. I have been helping Mari move files from her old computer to her new one (Windows, yuck! but I didn't tell her that) but otherwise have been doing nothing. Absolutely nothing at all.

So I will be flying directly back to Vancouver as the London-Halifax thing did eventually turn into a no-go price wise. If I send the bike to Vancouver, it can go as baggage in a baggage container on AirTransat. If I go to Halifax, it has to be crated in London and sent as air cargo on Air Canada. Flying to Vancouver is over $1000 less than going the shorter route to Halifax. Go figure. Airlines... Anyway, i's too bad as the Maritimes this time of year would have been beautiful. The leaves were already starting to turn in Russia and falling on the roads. The season is definitely changing.

Anyway, as you see, not much to report, so I'll keep it short. But I wanted to thank all of you who sent me such kind emails after I arrived in Saint Petersburg. I think that you don't understand how much having the group there really helped to keep me going and helped to keep my spirits up. Having you guys there was always a little prod to keep going. It's easy to disappoint yourself, because you're only disappointing one person. But it's that self-disappointment that the dementors feed upon. I always had the feeling that I did not want to disappoint the group and just quit, or find one more excuse to delay. Having you there was really a major component of my self-treatment program. So thanks again to you all.

OK, well as I am going to try to take a new route to London, there may be new things to report... and new screw-ups and disasters are always around the corner!

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